How To Create A Culture Of Growth In Your Life, Business, And Community.

Justen Marketing is a marketing consultant firm that works with smart business owners who want to be part of changing the world for the better and leaving a legacy for their children’s children. They do that by helping business owners develop their ideal business, lifestyle and city through loving well and marketing well. This creates a culture of growth in the business that in return affects the business’ economy as well as becoming part of changing the color of the economy nationwide.
1. Believe in and love yourself.

You can make a choice to keep believing the lies about yourself that others might be telling you or start believing the Truth that you are someone extraordinary. Knowing who you are frees you from trying to be something that someone else is.

Plus, it is impossible to truly love and care about others if you don’t love who you are yourself. God loves you, so start seeing yourself through His eyes.

2. Believe in and love your employees or those on your team.

In the song “Unconditionally” by Katy Perry she makes the statement that acceptance is the key to being truly free. If you fully accept and love the people you work with or work for you, it’ll set them free to be who they are fully and therefore increase productivity and passion for their work.

3. Focus on transformation.

If you focus on transformation and creating a revolution through your business everyone connected to it will be able to buy in emotionally and become very loyal employees and customers.

4. Use marketing campaigns that have already been proven to work.

This will grow your business much quicker with less chance of failure since you’re focusing on what already works.

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The Vision Statement (The big dream.)

To change the economy of the United States by establishing a network of businesses in every city in the United States that is focused on creating a culture of growth in their businesses and cities through loving well and marketing well.

The Mission Statement (What to do every day to reach the big dream.)

Our mission is to empower business owners to create a better lifestyle, better business and better city through cutting edge training and marketing services that teaches and helps them to love better and market better.

Our Core Values (Our guidelines to following the mission to reach the vision.)

Having a ton of core values is simply confusing. So, I broke it down into 4 things that we stand for all the time.

  1. Be Powerful
  2. Love Fully
  3. Honor Always
  4. Have Fun Everyday